Hello friends, now the time has finally come! Our new video is online! Just right on time for the release of our new split LP with the amazing Socialstyrelsen. Our song „Shitshow 2020“ deals with the terrible things that happened in 2020, which were partly overshadowed and partly exacerbated or caused by the global pandemic. Last summer we had naively thought that the long time at the press plant might make the song less topical. But it still fits too well with what we are dealing with. Agitators divide the society, they always did for their advantage. Here and there COVID deniers ally with neo-Nazis, refugees are stuck in camps under inhuman conditions, cruel autocrats oppress people and as if that weren’t all enough shit, a virus that is deadly for vulnerable people continues to spread. A true shitshow…
Camera by Eva Bo, edited by Steffi Antigen.

Listen to our side of the ‚A Sense of Dread‘ The record is available at Phobia Records (CZ) ANGRY VOICE Records (GER), Missing The Point D.I.Y Punk Distro (UK), Halvfabrikat Records (SWE), Deviance Records (FRA), Stradoom (PL), Flyktsoda (SWE), NUNCHAKUPUNK (FIN), and Anomie Records (GER). 

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