Dear friends,

we thank you for the great year, the awesome shows, and all your support! Above all, we thank the Czech, Polish, German and Finnish organizers and helpers for whom we performed this year and of course the people who showed up at our gigs! We hope to meet you all again soon!

Also, this year our album ‚Dust and Ashes‘ was released on CD – Many thanks to our Spanish label friends!!! A benefit compilation in support of two punk venues in San Francisco we contributed to was released AND our split LP with Socialstyrelsen was re-pressed!! THANX to all labels for support!!!

We are looking forward to the coming year and our upcoming shows in spring/summer… Until then we are working on new songs. We wish you all a Happy New Year!

sincerely your ANTIGEN


Hey guys, so our repress is done. 🥳 300 more copies only for you! You will now get a black-and-white copy as originally intended. 😅 You can get the split LP from Deviance Records (FRA), Phobia Records (CZ) ANGRY VOICE Records (GER), Missing The Point DIY Punk Distro (UK), Halvfabrikat Records (SWE), ), Stradoom (PL), Flyktsoda (SWE), NUNCHAKUPUNK (FIN), and Anomie Records (GER).

Kiitos!!! Back from Puntala Rock, Finland!!!

Hei friends,

we are back from a short but intense trip to Finland. It was a pleasure for us to play two great concerts. Thank you Puntala crew, thank you Mikko and Tarja for the hospitality, thank you Arto and Markko for the driving service, and thank you Sini for communication and organization… Thanks to everyone who supported us. It makes us glad that we met so many great people and that so many of you gave us such lovely feedback. We are still overwhelmed by the impressions and the beautiful moments. Here a few impressions and snapshots. Thanks to Arto Hietikko for the great photos.