After what felt like an eternity, there is good news from the press plant. At the end of November, our new split album (together with the great Swedish crust band Socialstyrelsen!!) „A Sense of Dread“ will finally be released. 👏 Well-known international labels are involved: Phobia Records (CZ) Angry-Voice Records(GER), Missing The Point D.I.Y Punk Distro (GB), Halvfabrikat Records (SWE), Deviance Records (FRA), Stradoom (PL), Flyktsoda (SWE), NUNCHAKUPUNK (FIN), and Anomie Records (GER). It still takes a little while. We can’t give you an exact date yet… but this record will certainly be a wonderful ‚Crustmas‘ present (to yourself and/or to others 😊).

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