ANTIGEN on the Central European crust punk scene, vocal melodies, and latest album ‚Dust and Ashes‘.

Thank you Scott Arcwielder for having us in an interview! And thank you so much for your support and the tons of patience (you know what I mean)! 😉 And besides, this is a very nice blog! Have fun with reading!

Old Man's Mettle

Who doesn’t love a bit of d-beat? Boom cha, …ba cha! boom cha,….ba cha! German / Czech Republic act ANTIGEN have been going for nearly two decades, with varying members and musical approaches – but the current line up is knocking out well-written, catchy crust-punk songs that are powerful and focussed, with great vocals, surprising melodies, and a solid yet textured backline. Of course, D-beat doesn’t need to be particularly progressive, so it is meant as a compliment when I say that the structure of the opening track of ANTIGEN’s latest reminds me of BASTARD’s 1990 classic Wind of Pain LP, but yet this new album unfolds with additional layers and affectations that puts it firmly in 2020. Of course, underground scenes like these are self supporting, and the bands don’t necessarily seek out recognition beyond that, but let’s just say that ANTIGEN in 2020 have a spark about…

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