Upcoming shows

Hello friends, at least in the Czech Republic the situation is getting better and better! Therefore we’re looking forward to this outdoor events! You can see us on June 20th at KAČÁK FEST in Vyskov and on July 18th at CIDRE PUNK FEST 2020 in Újezd u Chanovic. Until then, take care and stay well! https://www.facebook.com/events/811859395979111/



THANX to Ralf Ballo Ballschmieter, Mick Oakley, Tom Kornis for recording, mix and mastering. Thanks for support to our labels Mirek Phobia (Phobia Records), David from Angry-Voice.de, Franz Alfredsson, Stradoom, Danny Durden (Maniac Attack Records), Glauber Néspoli (No Surrender Records) and Missing The Point D.I.Y Punk Distro!!!! 🖤 Without your support we couldn’t made it! 🖤



Merch :)

Hey sweeties, look we not have just a new album for you, but also embroidered patches, patches and big back patches! So we think it is a good opportunity to sew to spend some time at home.  Get in touch with us. And thanks for doing this Jiří Barvák Barvínský!


Leipzig und Mühlheim!

Hey!!! We will be on the road again next weekend! First we’ll play on Friday with MÖRKHIMMEL in Leipzig! On Saturday you can see us at the Frost Punx Picnic XVI in Mühlheim. We’re really looking forward to it! Thanks to Stivart for drawing the poster art for Stö Leipzig! https://www.facebook.com/events/755703071527295/?notif_t=event_aggregate&notif_id=1581922632613028

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